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You Are Like Family.

Every move is exciting, but it also comes with tasks. Not all of us are as strong or spry as we once were. At Senior Move Success, our staff understands. But even better, our staff wants to help. Every staff member is a caring professional equipped with the tools needed to make a move happen efficiently and comfortably.

Senior Move Success is the right move. If you are a senior, here are the ways in which we can help you:

• Are you making your move alone?

Senior Move Success takes care of your property, while giving you the emotional support you need. A long to-do list can be challenging. Rely on Senior Move Success to help. Your Senior Move Manager will assist you with the planning and organization it takes to relieve the stress.

• Are you making your move with your family’s assistance?

Meeting the needs of a group can make a move complicated. Senior Move Success is the common denominator, organizing and arranging the needs of everyone involved, providing sound Success to a complicated process. We work with you and your family to ensure all the bases have been covered.

• Are you ready for your move?

Moving to a new space brings with it the ability to create new memories. We provide educational and supportive resources to get you through the anxiety that can arise. Our caring staff is trained to assist you and make this a great transition.

• What about your medical items?

Don’t worry! When you choose to work with Senior Move Success, we will account for everything. We will assist you in informing your health care professionals of your move. If you have medications or other regularly shipped items, we will contact your supplier with the new information. All medical supplies will be carefully packed and arranged for your comfort.

If your move takes you away from your regular health care providers, Senior Move Success will assist you in making new arrangements, such as determining the closest medical facilities.

• Moving to a retirement community or living facility and need to downsize?

Senior Move Success helps you no matter what type of living arrangement you are moving into. Our staff is knowledgeable and prepared to handle every type of arrangement.

These types of moves often require some downsizing. We’ll help you get through it, from the choosing and picking, to the donation, selling and storing. Together, you and your Senior Move Manager make happen exactly what you want to happen.

Senior Move Success has the knowledge, the care and professionalism it takes to successfully bring you from Point A to Point B with little hassle and enormous satisfaction.

Call (410) 323-3853, or e-mail us to learn more.

When You’re Ready to Move, We’re Ready to Help 

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Call (410) 323-3853, or e-mail us to begin the exciting transition to your new home.